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Entertainment Centers Design

In a proper household, there is room for every faculty. It is up to you to keep every corner in fine fettle. Drawing rooms are generally the most cherished as it draws guests an afternoon tea. In most houses, it also doubles up as entertainment center. With music systems, plasma and numerous other gadgets emerging, you can really stylize this place. Trick is how to place these gadgets.
In a spacious hall with minimal lights at night, it helps if your TV enclosure can attract all attention. This hides the other possible frailties of your drawing room. You can opt for vintage cabinets or designer cabinets. The latter suits you most as then you can direct the exact backing and sizes of shelves required to hold your gadgets.


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Tips of redesign and planing entertainment center

  • In an enclosed glazed cabinet, your plasma will hold center stage. It will be surrounded by alcoves holding music system, DVD, blu-ray players and other small contraptions. You should look for solid backing and spacious shelves. Get high pressure laminates or thermo-foil finishes to make these cabinets more attractive.
You can also be more encompassing and let even your books hang in the auspice. In a larger designer cabinet, there will be extensions to hold your large volumes. Triangular panels and large drawers with glass sliding and custom made cabinet doors are a good idea. You can even arrange for a small locker or safe in the large cabinet. Place it across a facing wall and color your room in matching texture.

Solid wood cabinets in mahogany or oak or metal ones like steel or even titanium offer great selections. Melamine or MFD doors ensure great longevity for your cabinets. Give them good gloss and added sheen.
Suppose you already own a large cabinet and don't want to extend your expenses. You can go for cabinet refacing. Give it a touch of wood stains or glazing. Add some hinges and holds. Ensure that there is proper space for wiring and electrical connection. Since the cabinet holds most of your electronic gadgets, every gadget should be kept at safe distance for fear of electromagnetic problems.

This cabinet alone will not only inspire your guests, it will heighten the sense of your entertainment. A theta coffee table in front and Belgian sofa on three sides will give the space an elaborate finish. Just don't make it everyday stuff, enforcing your kids' study drawer and household item drawer.