Kitchen Cabinets refacing

Our experience has taught us that with kitchens just like with anything else it’s practically impossible to satisfy everybody. So we have developed a new approach to satisfy our demanding clientele with a different budget in mind. Our refacing technique is superior due to our manufacturing capabilities. We make our own custom doors, our own panels cut to fit, and we also have our own laminates to cover all other visible sides of your kitchen. We will also build custom cabinets to make any necessary additions to the existing cabinets at our costumer’s request.

Refacing benefits:

  • Almost no disruption to your life.
  • Job can be completed usually in 1 day in most cases
  • Countertops, sinks, faucets, and appliances are left in place unless costumer chooses to renew.
  • No hassle of trying to co-ordinate cabinet manufacturer, tillers, plumbers, floorers, electricians, and installers.
  • No frustrating delays will make your project go more smoothly.
  • No dust, no dirt, no hassle of having your whole kitchen torn-out. No discomfort for people with asthmas and allergies.

No additional costs:

  • No plastering, redecorating or repainting as your existing cabinets stay in the same place.
  • No need for plumbing or electrical work to be done.
  • No need for new flooring or tiling because your base cabinets remain in the same footprint.
  • No need to replace the counter top as your cabinets do not change.
  • Save up to 70% from rebuilding entire kitchen.
  • Have our professional installers do it right for you in just 1day in most cases

Giving it a fresh face:

  • Older cabinets are usually built of better quality than todays
  • Improve your kitchens appearance and livability by refacing.
  • Raise your home’s market value.
  • Your house will sell much faster with a refaced kitchen.
  • Refacing can be done in today’s most popular designs and colors.