Laundry Room Cabinets

One room is often ignored often in a household even when it takes the most beating – Laundry room. You wash your cloths, dry and hang them. You also do the intermediate sewing and use it for console space. Thus, intelligent people take good care of this room and line it with cabinets and custom vanities.

Options can easily be categorized between two: Essential and optional. Having a granite counter top with enough depth is almost necessary. It comes handy in many tricky situations. Then, you need a filing cabinet for storing pantry extras and stores of detergents and other washing materials. Laundry eminently means washing and drying and thus you need a center-placed washer

Planning laundry room

For the cabinets, get proper sized shelves and drawers for different types of cloths. Giving them an antiquity finish will only enhance the beauty of your laundry room. High pressure laminates on your counter tops or other significant parts will increase their longevity.

You will need a laundry basket for cloths that need urgent washing. A folding table may be invested in to hold opportune things. If you are a good home-maker, you will of course ensure that these cloths don’t have a cut seam or missing button. Thus, you may have a sewing machine in the laundry room corner.

Depending on the size of your laundry room, all these materials can be obtained in cut to size shapes. For a good impression, you may have a slight cabinet re-facing by adding a plate or a molding here and there. Cherry open cloth holders look good over a nude floor. You can also invest in a double door washing cabinet with enough space to keep dirty linen.

Keep the upper area of your cabinet for storing unused stuff or one you will use later. Essentials like toilet papers, tissue papers or soaps can be kept in laundry caddies. You may also buy multi-functional wardrobe sets that will have separate sections for dried and washed cloths. Essence of this talk is to conserve space.